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League Info

  • Registration Closes March 15th
  • Teams created end of March
  • Coaches meeting early April
    • Coaches contact players/parents by early April
  • Dick's Sporting Goods Shop Day - Saturday, April 11
  • Practices start early - mid April 
  • Games start mid - end of April 
  • Rockies Day - Early May
  • Team Picture Day - Early May at Dick's Sporting Goods
  • League play ends mid June
  • End of Season Tournament - Fathers Day Weekend
    • No tournament for TBall but all teams will play a game on EOS Tournament Championship Night


Q. What does my registration fee cover?

A. Fees will cover one BYBA uniform consisting of a pair of baseball pants, a jersey and a hat (subject to change year to year and by age level).  Fees also cover field prep, umpires, practice fields, utilities and maintenance. 

Q. What equipment is provided by the league?

A.  Rec league teams will be loaned team batting helmets and catchers gear, all gear will be turned in at the end of the season.  Game balls will be also provided by the league.  Bats and Gloves are not provided by the league.  

Q. What days will we play?

A.  Games and practices can be on any day of the week and may change from week to week, with an occasional Saturday game.  League games can start as early as 5pm and later scheduled games may not complete until roughly 9pm.  T-Ball games will be scheduled on Saturday mornings.  Final schedules will “typically” be available in early April.  Scheduled games days may change on occasion based on weather conditions.

Q. Where and when will we practice?

A. BYBA has several practice fields in the greater Brighton area, practices fields and times are chosen in early spring by your coach.  Practice times during the week are generally 5:00-6:30 pm and 6:30-8:00 pm. T-Ball will generally be scheduled early.

Q. Why are games being scheduled on my practice days?

A. BYBA generally has between 50-60 teams that all need games scheduled and roughly five fields that are considered "game" fields.  All teams both recreational and competitive have games scheduled on practices days at some point during the season.  Another variable that will play into this is weather, games scheduled on certain days that get canceled due to weather are very likely to be scheduled on a different day.  The coach always has the option to find space at a local park to practice on a "non-scheduled" practice day if they want more practice time.  

Q.  Is there any travel required?

A.  No, all rec games are scheduled in Brighton unless your team schedules out of town games on their own.  On rare occasions there are opportunities to play inter-league games with surrounding communities.  Please get with your coach to get an understanding of his or her expectations. 

Q.  Are there any additional costs?

A.  While the registration fees are the only “mandatory” fees required by the association, your coach may require additional funding to meet team needs.  This is rare in Rec league play, however your coach should provide that information to you early in the season if there are any additional fundraising plans.  Please note this is not mandatory, this is team function and not driven by BYBA.

Q. What other things can I expect to purchase?

A.  All players will be required (mandatory) to have a glove, heart guard and protective cup.  Players are strongly encouraged to have cleats, personal batting helmet and  a bat.

Q.  Will every player be placed on a team?

A.  All players registered by the deadline will be placed on a team, late registrants will be placed on a waiting list and will be positioned on teams if there is availability.

Q. What if a child is selected for a team that they or their parents don’t want to play for?

A. Families can request to be placed on specific teams during the registration process and the league will try and accommodate all requests.  However, not in all cases is this possible, once rosters are deemed final they will not be changed.

Q.  Can I coach a team?

A.  All persons interested in becoming a rec league coach will be required to submit a new coach application and go through a background check.  All applications will be fully evaluated by the coaches committee and applicants will be notified prior to the season starting.  Additionally all assistant coaches will be required to submit a background check.

Q.  I applied for a coaching position, when will I know if I am selected?

A.  The registration process is open for a long period of time to give families plenty of time to register.  Once the registration window closes returning coaches will be contacted first, then new applicants will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and contacted shortly thereafter.  Teams are formed based on enrollment, the quantity of new coaches needed are driven by returning coaches and then by needs for additional teams without a coach.  You should be contacted within a week or two of registration close.

Q.  Can I request a coach that I know?

A.  Families can request to be placed on specific team and the league will try and accommodate all requests.  However, not in all cases is this possible, once rosters are deemed final they will not be changed.

Q.  How are teams selected?

A.  Teams are selected first by age, then parent requests, finally a random draft or placement of players will fill final rosters.  Not all team/coach requests can be granted due to volume of requests.

Q.  How many teams are there?

A.  We have the capacity to field up to twelve teams at each age group.

Q.  How many players per team?

A.  We try and place anywhere between 11-13 players per team.  Some teams may have 11 and some may have more, it is based on how many teams, coaches and participants there are.   

Q.  Is my child guaranteed a roster spot on the same team as last year if he/she is returning to rec baseball?

A.  No, See Question Above on Team Selection.

Q.  What if I my child is on a waiting list, do I still have to pay?

A.  If you are on a waiting list you do not have to pay for registration until your player is confirmed on a roster.

Q.  My player is confirmed on a roster but would like to back-out, can I get a refund?

A.  You may be entitled to a partial refund, however depending on how far into the season you are will determine if you are eligible for a refund.  Refunds are on a case-by-case basis.  You will need to submit your request in writing with the reason you are requesting a refund and the Board of Directors will review your request.

Q.  I will not be able to get my player to all scheduled practices, can that impact his/her playing time?

A.  There are play-time rules at the rec level of play guaranteeing a certain amount of time on the field.  However it is the coaches’ discretion about play time and if your child is not attending practices they may get only the minimum amount of play time required by the rules, it is recommended that all players attend all scheduled practices as this is a team sport.

Q.  Are the coaches trained?

A.  While the league tries to provide some level of training for our rec coaches it is very important to remember that all coaches are volunteers.  The training we provide is optional and it is ultimately up to the coach if they will participate.  Each coach will each have different levels of knowledge and different approaches.  We simply ask all coaches to provide a fun and friendly environment for the kids and teach them the game of baseball to their fullest ability.  All coaches are required to complete Concussion Training prior to the start of the season.

Q.  Will school functions, vacations or other obligations be considered by my coach?

A.  Yes, please communicate those occasions to your coach as early as possible to ensure they have proper time to plan. 

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