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  1. Playing Field:
    • Distance between bases is 50 feet
    • A foul strike area is a drawn arc between the baselines, 10 feet out from the batting tee.
  2. General Rules:
    • The length of the game is 3 innings or 1 hour, whichever comes first.
    • The starting lineup of each team shall include all of the players.
    • Each team will have the same number of times at bat and in the field.
    • Scores are not kept and there are no winners or losers.
    • There is no pitching, the ball must be hit off of the batting tee.
    • All players on the team bat in each inning of play.When a team bats through the batting order once, the inning is over.
    • Defensive players are to alternate between the infield and outfield every inning to child’s ability and safety.
    • The infield shall have no more than 7 players including the pitcher and the catcher. The outfield may have up to 6 players.
    • Only players and coaches are allowed on the playing field before and during the game. Coaches may be on the field to instruct defensive players, but cannot touch a ball in play. Coaches for the offensive team may give batting instructions, but cannot physically help runners on base.
    • When a team is at bat, all players are to sit on their bench in the order in which they will bat, except for the batter, the on-deck batter, and any base runners.
    • When a team is in the field, all players will be used in the field.
  3. Batting:
    • The batter is not to touch the tee (a coach may adjust the tee to a player’s height).
    • There are no strikeouts.
    • The batter continues until a fair ball is hit by the batter.
    • A fair ball is a batted ball that:
      · Lands in or is touched be a player in fair territory (infield or outfield).
      · First lands in foul territory, then rolls fair into the infield.
    • A foul ball is a batted ball that:
      · Lands in or is touched by a player in foul territory.
      · Rolls into foul territory before reaching first or third base and comes to rest there.
      · A batted ball that travels less than 10 feet or if the batter hits the tee and knocks the ball off the tee.
    • All batters must wear a batting helmet.
    • If the batter throws the bat in a dangerous manner, the batter is our and any base runners must return to their base.
    • The catcher stands far enough behind home plate so as not to interfere with the batter.
  4. Base Running:
    • After all base runners have moved ahead on the bases as far as possible, or after an out, a “time out” is called and the ball is put on the tee for the next batter.
    • A runner must remain on base until the ball is hit.
    • If a fielder overthrows the ball, a runner is allowed to advance one extra base.
    • All runners must wear a batting helmet while on base.


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