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  1. Player Age:
    • Intended age is 9 and 10 years old
    • An 8 year old may play up an age if deemed ready by parent or guardian.
  2. Playing Field:
    • Distance between bases is 65 feet
    • Pitching mound will be 44 feet from back tip of home plate.
    • Maximum number of players to be on the field while playing a game is 9.
  3. Length of game:
    • Regulation games shall be 6 innings.
    • Game length is 1:30
    • No new inning shall start after 1:25 of beginning of game.
    • Once the offensive team has scored 5 runs or 3 outs, their half of the inning is over.
    • An inning in progress may be finished provided that enough daylight remains for safe play.
  4. No player may sit more than 1 consecutive innings in the dugout.
  5. There will be 2 umpires per game.
  6. Pitching / Catching:
    • Pitchers shall not be allowed to pitch more than 55 pitches in one game.
    • In the event that a make-up game is scheduled during a week with 2 regularly scheduled games for a team, a pitcher may pitch in the additional game, not to exceed 2 innings in the make-up game. At no time during the regular season will a player pitch in more than 3 games per week, regardless of the number of make-up games.
    • If a pitcher hits, with a pitch, 3 batters during the pitchers allotted number of innings, the pitcher will be removed from the pitching position for the remainder of the game. The pitcher may continue playing in any field position.
    • A pitcher who has been withdrawn from the mound may return to the mound after 3 batters only if the pitcher has not pitched the maximum number of pitches allowed.
    • A pitcher is allowed 8 warm-up pitches at the beginning of the game. Relief pitchers are also allowed 8 warm-up pitches. A returning pitcher is allowed 5 warm-up pitches at the start of a new inning.
    • Pitchers and coaches who violate the pitching rules will be suspended for one game, and the game being played will be forfeited.
    • There will be 2 balk warnings for each pitcher. After that, the balk rule is in effect for that pitcher. The EOS tournament will reduce this to a single balk warning.
    • Catchers may not catch in more than 4 innings in a single game.
    • Pitching sheet must be filled out for each game and signed by both coaches at the conclusion of each game. These pitching sheets will need to be placed in a drop box supplied by the league in the Indoor Practice Facility after the game. These pitching sheets will be made available for coaches for each game.
  7. Batting / Catching:
    • On a third strike, the batter is out even if the catcher drops or misses the ball.
    • Three strikes will result in the batter being called out.
    • A foul ball on what would be considered the third strike will not be counted as a strike and the batter will continue in the at-bat.
    • Four called balls will result in the batter being issued a walk to first base.
    • If a pitcher hits a batter with the pitched ball, the batter is issued a walk to first base.
    • Bunting is permitted.
    • The infield fly rule is in effect.
  8. Base running:
    • Leading off base is allowed.
    • Base runners may NOT steal home.  Runners from third may only advance home by a walk or hit ball.  Runners may advance home on an over-throw as long as the play started with a hit.
    • Once the pitcher has control of the ball in the pitching area, official play is stopped. If a base runner is proceeding to the next base when time is called, that runner will be allowed to continue to the next base as long as that runner is more than half-way. If the base runner’s progress has stopped, that base runner will return to the previous base.
  9. No adults or coaches are allowed in the playing area other than the dugout and the coach’s boxes.
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