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Information - Brighton Youth Baseball Association Tournament Only Baseball 

The Tournament Only Programs represent the top levels of play for each age level that is represented in the program.  The purpose is to provide a tournament-only, top level competition and training experience for players, parents and coaches.  While the program is not year-round like other "Tournament Only" or club programs, the Tournament Only Program does place additional expectations of time and financial commitment on its participants outside of the traditional baseball season.  Coaches for Brighton Tournaments are selected based on an application and interview process with the BYBA Coaches Committee.  Rosters are selected based on the results of league-wide or individual team tryouts, and are evaluated annually by the coaches of these teams. 

Requirements & Expectations

Our tournament only teams will be held to significantly higher standards across the board, for players, parents and coaches.  This will ensure BYBA is presenting a top level group of teams that are put in a position to be successful playing against top-tier competition.  Teams will be formed at the 9U - 13U level. U14 will be reviewed on a case by case basis as the 14s play a shortened league season and start HS Legion play during youth tournament play.

  • Coaches for these teams will be carefully selected based on criteria set forth by the BYBA Coaches Committee and Board of Directors.  Coaches that wish to coach a tournament only team will be required to complete all BYBA Competitive Coach continuing education opportunities (Cal Ripken Baseball Class, High School Clinics, Etc.) prior to application.  Other coach education programs will be identified and encouraged as necessary.  All BYBA standards for coaches will continue to apply, i.e. concussion training, background checks, etc.

  • Teams will have an expectation of achieving a record of .500 or better throughout their tournament play.  This will be reviewed on an annual basis, and teams failing to meet this expectation have the potential to be re-classified or removed from tournament only play.

  • Majors level teams should play at the majors/open level in tournaments, AAA teams should play AAA level or higher.

    • Note- Teams may drop elect to drop down one level in tournament only play, however this may impact your status the following year, your tournament only status is reviewed from year-to-year.

    • It is recognized that each tournament sanctioning body differs in level and competition, this will be taken into account during the review process.

  • A structured off-season strength, conditioning and/or agility program as well as arm strengthening and hitting clinics may also require mandatory attendance.  Proof of enrollment and receipts may be required to maintain tournament status.

  • Tournament only teams are not required to participate in league play, however they may enroll at their own expense.

  • If a team plays in league play, their win/loss record will not impact their draft status, or level.  The teams participating in league play may use these games to further develop players at positions that they generally do not play.  If a team signs up for league play it is mandatory that they participate in all league scheduled games, it is not optional.


Team Creation

Players and Families have the option to “opt out” of tournament only play.  So it is critical that you have a discussion with the player and family prior to selection of that player.  The expectation of them should be clearly communicated to them before they make a decision.  Those discussions MUST HAPPEN before the draft.

AAA Teams: AAA teams will be created solely based on coach discretion following general league tryouts.  All AAA Tournament only teams will be required to attend and participate in the BYBA league tryouts if they are looking for players.  If a “new” AAA is selected to tournament only play, they will automatically be moved to first overall draft pick, unless there is an existing TO-AAA team, or if a Majors level team is participating in the league draft, in which case they would move to appropriate order in the draft.  This determination is based on the application process, prior year’s tournament record, head to head play (if applicable), and current roster. 

Majors Teams:  There will be only one Majors level team at any given age group.  Majors teams will be created solely based on coach discretion. All Majors level teams are responsible to manage their own team tryouts.  These tryouts will be scheduled by the coach, BYBA will not schedule or be held responsible for team creation at the Tournament only Majors level.  Majors level coaches may elect to participate in the BYBA league tryouts, but must declare that they will be attending no less than 14-days prior to the draft.  Majors teams will have first pick in the BYBA draft, but only if they declare 14-days in advance.  You must inform the competitive league director that you will be in attendance for the league tryouts and subsequently if you plan on attending the draft, which may or may not happen in every case.  Majors level coaches are highly encouraged to advertise and/or communicate their individual tryout dates and times.  BYBA may elect to help secure field space for these tryouts, so it is preferred that all Majors level tournament only teams agree on dates so we can secure one field for all tryouts.

** To become, or remain a tournament only team you must have at least eight (8) returning players from your BYBA roster in the prior year.  If you have less than 8-returning your status of tournament only team will be reviewed by the board.  Based on the review, all decision are deemed final.  All levels must submit a returning roster to the board no less than 1-week in advance to league scheduled tryouts.


Application Process

Teams wishing to apply for the tournament only level will ONLY be considered if in the previous year they competed at the AAA or Majors Division and have been playing in the competitive league under the  BYBA banner for at least one (1) year.  A team playing in the AAA or majors division IS NOT guaranteed to play at the tournament only level the following year, but will be up for evaluation by the BYBA Board and TO Director. 

BYBA will endorse only one (1) Major team and up to (2) AAA teams at the 10U and above level.  BYBA will only sponsor one team Majors at the 9U level (no AAA teams).  This does NOT guarantee that a team will be created at each level.  Several factors – Player skill level, coaching staff acumen and ability, parent support, etc. will be carefully examined on an annual basis before making a determination as to whether a team will be fielded at any specific age group.

You will be required to submit an application to the Board and Coaches Committee at least 4-weeks prior to BYBA league tryouts.  Application may be found on the BYBA website under the BYBA Tournament Only Team Application page.


The cost for tournament only teams is significantly higher than competitive baseball. Rough estimates are around $1200 per player, registration fees are $425 and an additional $800 that is fund-raised.  Each coach is responsible to communicate their financial needs to their team.  BYBA (the organization) is not responsible for management or communication of said funds.

Breakdown of payment requirements: (These are minimum requirements, your coach may require a different payment schedule due to team costs/needs).

  • $125 Payment due no later than November 30th

  • Remaining due no later thanJanuary 31st

Current Registration fees covers the following:

$425 Paid to Brighton Youth Baseball covers:

    *   Insurance

    *   IPF, Field usage and utilities

    *   Baseballs (one dozen)

    *   Offseason player development and strength and conditioning clinics

Each team will designate a representative that will be responsible for financial reporting to the league upon request.  This individual will be responsible for maintaining a team balance sheet.  All team funds will be deposited into your team account which will be under the BYBA operating account. 

Teams will be encouraged to conduct fundraising activities in order to help each individual player offset the remaining financial commitment that tournament only baseball represents.  It will be each team’s responsibility to manage these fundraising efforts and to determine how the funds are applied for each individual player towards their overall financial commitment.  It is also the team/coaches responsibility to communicate their financial needs and updates to their families.  BYBA is not responsible for Tournament finances and will re-direct any potential issues back to the head coach.



Agreeing to play on a tournament only team is a significant commitment by not only the player, but the player’s family as well.  Not only is there a significant time commitment, but a financial commitment that each family needs to consider.  As players and their families are making this commitment, we will require our coaches to make the following commitments:

  • They will be prepared and organized for every practice and game, will be on time and will work to make their players better at all times.

  • They will attend coaching clinics & seminars periodically to continue to add to their knowledge of the game and how to effectively coach it.

  • There will be a commitment of players and coaches to consistent off season training including player clinics and strength and conditioning programs.

  • They will set good examples for their players and families at practice and at games.


Expectations of Tournament Teams

  • Minimum of 6 regular season tournaments and participation in post-season state and/or national tournaments.

  • Teams and coaches will be “active” participants in league activities – i.e. facility cleaning, coaches and league meetings, etc.  Failure to attend these functions may result in losing your Tournament only status.

  • Annual attendance at “Coach the Coach” seminars and/or high school clinics.  Copy of participation and attendance may be required.

  • Secure all uniforms and associated team gear, not provided or managed by the league.

  • Represent BYBA at the highest level, creating a positive environment that is sought after both on and off the field.

  • Respected in the baseball community by their peers, by opponents, umpires, fans, and Tournament bodies.


Additional items and conditions of being part of the TO program:


1.  Transfer of registration funds (currently $300 per player goes back to team, but is subject to change based on BYBA costs, this will be reviewed annually) to team accounts will be completed only after all players are registered and paid in full, but not before registration closes.

2.  No BYBA registration refunds will be permitted after December 31st.

3.  Each TO team may be required to submit a list of detailed financial transactions to the Board of directors if any issues with financials arise. 

4.  Each TO team will be required to manage their own social media (Facebook or similar) page which will be hyperlinked on the BYBA home page.  All scheduled tournaments will be listed and final results will be updated post play.  Regular updates will be required to ensure the program has visibility and it is consistent in its nature.

5.  Team roster must be made up of 70% minimum Brighton and immediate surrounding communities’ players.  Surrounding communities is defined as within 15-miles of the BYBA registered address.

6.  Rosters may not exceed 12 total players, but must have at least 10.

7.  Each TO Team will be provided a 2-hour (per week) maximum in the BYBA IPF during winter workouts, concluding on or before April 1st.  If a specific TO team chooses not to participate in the IPF workouts, that spot will be given up to other BYBA comp teams and will not be available to other TO teams.  That decision on whether to participate or not will be made at the coaches meeting prior to workouts starting and will be enforced throughout the winter workout season.  After all comp teams have been given a time in the IPF, TO teams will have an opportunity to take any remaining open time slots.

8.  If a coach, parent or player is ejected from a game for any reason it is required that formal statements be submitted to the Vice President and TO Director within 48-hours of the incident by the head coach.  It will be reviewed and discussed by non-team affiliated Board members, final recommendations or necessary next steps will be provided to the team post review.  Multiple infractions could lead to suspension or dismissal from BYBA.

9.  No player shall be released from a team during the course of a season for any reason without BOD approval.  If a player leaves on their own accord you may submit a request to the BOD to backfill that spot.  As a condition of being a Brighton TO Team, all Tournament teams are required to participate in any BYBA sponsored competitive tournaments.  Exceptions may be considered if a valid reason is submitted in writing to the President prior to registration closing. 

10.  BYBA will permit practice one or two fields for TO use for the duration of the outdoor season.  TO teams may use these fields, the TO director will coordinate dates and times, and all practices will be loaded on the BYBA Master schedule online to prevent any confusion.  As the program grows additional fields may be necessary, this will be addressed as needed.  Exceptions may be made if field availability and/or cost is a non-issue.

11.  These team may elect to purchase field equipment and training gear as a TO shared or individual team cost.  However it is mandatory that all TO teams participate in regular field maintenance and care, non-participation may result in the forfeit your practice times.

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